10 Things To Never Forget As Life Toughens

In the life you can suffer defeats, yet you should never admit defeat. Because it is thanks to these defeats that we know who we really are … … but also that we learn to overcome setbacks. Take up challenges and come out stronger than before. It is a paradox of life, sometimes, for things to move forward. They first have to turn out badly.  The problem is that, when we go through a very difficult period.  We tend to forget this obvious. And it is all the more unfortunate that it could precisely help us overcome it.

Never forget it.  Even the darkest moments of our life will make us come out stronger. Every defeat, every failure is a necessary step towards success. It is an obstacle which temporarily hinders our path to Happiness. Each difficulty one endures reduces the likelihood of repeating a mistake in the future. Here are the 10 things to NEVER forget during hard times.

Instead of resisting, accept life as it really is


Happiness is knowing how to accept things as they are.  Instead of worrying about what they are not, To do the opposite is to make you unhappy for sure.  Never forget it. What is, is. Otherwise, it would not everything else is just a losing battle with reality. Think about it for a minute. Your suffering only arises when you resist life as it really is. As a result, we can only act on the way we react to life events. Not the events themselves. It is precisely the way in which you will react that will make you stronger. Your strength is in your response.

Living, what you are experiencing, is a necessary step


Sometimes we try not to look reality in the face because we think it is not where we should be.  Where we want to be or where we aspire to be.  But the truth is the situation you find yourself in today (as difficult as it is) is the one you need to find yourself in to improve your future life.

A really positive thing may be not getting what you want


Yes you read correctly. This makes it necessary to better assess the situation in which we are and to see things from another angle. We can then discover new opportunities and positive aspects of our life that we had not noticed before.

Things are changing faster than you think


You have to accept it. In life things are constantly moving.  They are constantly changing with each passing minute. Therefore no matter how good or bad a situation is at a time. Do not fear.  It will all pass patience, therefore.  Movement is the very important for life.

Know how to clearly define how you are going to improve your life.


No need to bother trying to avoid change.  It is best to devote your energy to figuring out how to accomplish what will make you happy. And it is by clearly defining what improving life means to you in concrete terms that your life can indeed be better. To eradicate suffering and frustration you need to know how to set positive goals. And be very specific in setting those personal goals. Remember that Happiness is not a purpose for life. It is simply what results from a life fully lived. So the real question to ask you. How do you want to make yourself in the future?

You can’t change things without taking responsibility


According to Sigmund Freud, most people don’t really aspire to freedom. Because freedom comes with responsibility and people are afraid of that.  Don’t be like all these people assume. When you shift responsibility for a situation you find yourself in onto someone else. You are shirking your responsibilities. Therefore, you at the same time give up the power that you have within you to change your life.

Your attitude can make a situation better or worse.


As bad as the situation is, remember that it can always get worse. Remember that you cannot have a positive life by having a negative attitude. In fact, to make it evolve in the right way and finally gets out of it. It is necessary to think in a positive way. Because when negativity takes over your thoughts. Your hard work and abilities come your way. It is only by becoming fully aware of the true power of your mind that you will be able to diminish what is undermining your well-being.



Don’t get swept up in others’ negativity.


Truth be told, what other people do and say, even the most negative opinion of what you do, doesn’t matter. Why ? Because all this is in fact a reflection of themselves – and not of you. Negative feelings dominate them, so they make them felt by those around them. As a result, never take negative judgments too seriously 😉

Anger is a real poison


Always forgive people who have wronged you – even when they don’t admit to having wronged you. Then let go and move on. Don’t do it for them, just for you, do it.

Because forgiving others is above all doing yourself good. The best medicine for anger is to love others, laugh with them, and let go. You would never eat a food you know is poisoned, right ? Well in the same way, don’t put up with an ounce of anger in your heart.

You are strong enough to overcome the ordeal you are going through


Yes, sometimes life can get really complicated and its wounds terrible. But never forget that this pain is fleeting. And most importantly, don’t let it turn you into evil. You have to come out stronger, grown up. A strong person does not ignore pain. She knows how to take the time to cry, openly. But after crying, she straightens up and fights for what she longs for.

It is in the difficulty that we discover what is “our” way


We do not define ourselves by what we succeed, but by the trials we have overcome … … and especially by the lessons we have learned. Therefore, the difficulties of life are not mere obstacles that hinder our way … … they are in fact the way we should take.

Learn to take risks


In life, knowing how to take risks is essential. Shakespeare wrote: “The whole world is a theater / And all, men and women, are only actors.” So take center stage and take action. The goal is for things to move in the right direction, if only a small step. Always try to improve yourself. Not to be perfect.

Failure from which you learn is always a step forward


Take inspiration from Thomas Edison’s words when he was working on inventing the light bulb: “I never failed. Thomas Edison’s thousands of failures thus taught him what not to do and, ultimately, they directed him to the invention that would illuminate the whole world. So put your so-called “failures” into perspective. Just learn to learn from them, because they will point you in the way to improve yourself. Click Hare


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