5 trends to decorate the kitchen

decorate kitchen

5 trends to decorate the kitchen

Decorate the kitchen with the latest trends

For many, perhaps for most people, the kitchen is one of the most sacred places in the home, which is why maintaining a perfect environment is so necessary. In the kitchen, the magic of flavors happens, so everything that can help the chef of the moment, to be inspired to prepare a good dish, is well received in the kitchen. 

In this year 2022 things have been very strange for everyone, and one of the things that surely we all want to recover is the idea of ​​sharing one of the greatest pleasures in life, which is a good meal. In that sense, I will show you some trends that have come to life to decorate your kitchen

Soft colors and traditional combinations

Apparently pastel and traditional colors at home, one of the spaces of the house, is a rule for decoration today, that is why one of the first trends that I will show you for your kitchen in 2022, is without a doubt, a combination of colors that mixes softness with pastel colors and lighting. 

You should not necessarily use light colors if they are not to your liking, as long as you have good lighting in your kitchen, you can play with darker colors but not necessarily strong, with this I mean that it would be good to try neutral colors in dark tones such as gray, greens and aquamarine blues. 

If you manage to achieve a balance point between neutral colors and dark colors, then you will have an effect that you will not regret in the decoration of your kitchen. An infallible white, in the company of good moss green, is an excellent combination when it comes to achieving a beautiful decoration

With regard to colors and lighting, the use of earth colors for the kitchen is not recommended at all, as it can be done for the living rooms and the main and secondary bedrooms. However, some decorations with wood and this type of rustic element can give a special value to the kitchen, but this is not the case in all cases. In fact, in particular, I think that the decoration of the kitchen should be more cold than warm if one takes into account that the atmosphere within that space is always warm.

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functional kitchens

Something that you have to take into account when decorating your kitchen, are the real spaces that you have and the way in which you can give this space even greater measure. You must know how to apply each technique to gain more spaces instead of losing them. 

In that sense, a trend that is very much in vogue lately is the idea of decorating a kitchen for functionality, rather than for the pure decoration of that area. What is sought with this type of functional kitchen is to encompass in a single space, many spaces with many different functions. Make the kitchen a dining room, but also a room to share, and at the same time a place to read a good book while you cook. In other words, this idea tries to create spaces rich in virtues and uses.

To achieve this type of space, the first thing you have to do is place as few divisions as possible between the space of what would be the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen, in this way you would be making a complete space where all these can go. elements together. 

As for the elements that can be used to decorate the area, you can choose lamps, centerpieces, vases, a versatile dining set, and, above all, works of art. There is nothing more beautiful than decorating your kitchen with certain works of art, nothing exaggerated, just a few touches of art will suffice to give your kitchen a chic atmosphere.

Make space with enough storage capacity

It is clear that inside the kitchen you need enough space and enough places where you can store all the things typical of this environment, from the non-perishable food itself to the different kitchen utensils and other elements that are common in the cooking area. 

To make sure you have everything at hand and in the same place, something you have to take into account is the different spaces where you will store everything you need in the kitchen. And one peculiarity to achieving this is knowing that not all elements can be stored in the same drawer, but it is necessary to have different places to organize each kitchen implement. 

To make a more functional kitchen with multiple storage spaces, you have to think of many drawers hidden in each place of the kitchen, where you least imagine, place a drawer, this will help you have control and order in the kitchen. 

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Black and white to decorate the kitchen

The quintessential kitchen colors are, of course, black and white, but not everyone agrees on this. Something you have to know about these two colors is that they work perfectly in combination, they also work perfectly on their own and are excellent combinations for other shades and different colors, regardless of the style you want to give to your kitchen. 

Black and white are universal colors in interior decoration, so a black and white kitchen will be perfect for a stylish effect. If you make your entire kitchen white, with a few touches of silver for the taps and marble or granite for the counters, the result will be guaranteed lighting, even if you are in a completely closed space. 

Now, in case you choose to combine black with other different colors, the combinations will be a little easier because black does not allow elegance in space to be lost. However, it does not hurt to take good care of the colors with which you are going to combine black, because if you use two dark colors, you will probably face the serious problem of darkness and shadows in your kitchen. If you choose light colors with a black tone for the details, you will get a guaranteed successful result. 

Textures and naturalness

The walls and floors of the kitchens, with rustic textures and natural finishes, are very necessary because they help create an atmosphere of family communion, the warmth of home, and concentrated flavors. For example, having an unfinished floor that is also easy to clean is ideal for rustic kitchens. Although, if you are looking for a really elegant kitchen, this advice is not for you. 

The smoother textures left by marble and stainless steel are perfect for elegant kitchens because they have the advantage that they can be easily cleaned, but they also have the ability to last a long time and be resistant to bumps, scratches, and other accidents that occur. inside the kitchen. 

Now, when we talk about naturalness, I am referring to elements that can make your kitchen a more picturesque and beautiful place, such as green plants that can help improve the environment. Using flowers to decorate the kitchen is an excellent idea to give freshness, in fact, flowers and fruits are the best choices when you want your kitchen to come to life. 

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