7 ideas to warm your home in winter

ideas to warm your home in winter
warm your home in winter

When the winter season arrives, we definitely want to have a warm environment in which to shelter while the season passes. But it’s also clear that we love cold weather, winter, and everything that comes with it, hot chocolate included. That is why we have decided to show you some techniques that you can apply at home to achieve a warmer effect and, of course, make your home a true refuge during the winter.

With these ideas you will not need to have a very high budget, the important thing is to maintain a harmonious decoration that also fits the cold season. Every detail will be important and can make the difference between a warm environment and an unbearable cold.

Use natural fibers to keep warm

As I had already told you, complying with a harmonious decoration is essential. For this reason, making use of natural fabrics to place throughout the house is one of the main ideas to ensure a warm, sheltered home where we feel warm. A good idea is to place natural fibers and fairly thick blankets on the main furniture in the room. 

The recommendation to keep the heat inside the house is that, in addition to being blankets that are very warm and very thick, they should be in warm colors. We know that there are warm and cool colors, but maybe something you didn’t know is that dark colors can retain more heat. This is an advantage that we can take in our favor to decorate and achieve a higher thermal sensation. 

new ideas warm your home in winter
7 ideas warm your home in winter

Carpets are more necessary than ever

You should never neglect the rugs during the winter months because they are the ones that will help you warm the cold floor, but do all rugs work? Of course, any type of furry rug will work to help you warm up the house, but our recommendation is to use long-haired rugs to make that feeling of warmth even more accentuated. 

Carpets, in addition to being incredibly versatile and beautiful decorative elements, are ideal allies when it comes to fighting the cold, especially when their colors speak for them. In this case, the recommendation is to use earth and fire colors to give a feeling of extreme warmth

Using Wood to warm your home in winter

For floors and walls, wood is a perfect insulator against the cold, which is why it becomes an excellent option for covering walls as soon as the cold of winter begins to appear. The wood covering both the floor and the walls of the house ensures a warm environment, and if it is combined with a good heating system that keeps the temperature inside the house regulated, it will work much better.

In the case of wood, color is also important to keep the rooms warm. Those woods that are cherry or dark in color work better to retain heat than lighter or opaque wood, so it is time to place your house a little darker than usual, the important thing is to have a warm and cozy house.

Thick curtains and warm cushions

Thick curtains help keep the cold outside at bay. With this type of natural fabric curtains, we can have a warm space, even more so if it is combined with the advice that we have already given you previously. Placing thick curtains on the windows will also allow you to regulate the amount of light and air that enters the house. 

On the other hand, if you match natural fabrics with cushions in warm colors, you will achieve a higher thermal sensation. As for warm colors, our recommendation is towards red, orange, and brown. These shades not only provide a visual sensation of warmth but also ensure a higher thermal sensation. 

warm your home in winter decoration
new ideas to warm your home in winter

Choose the perfect bedding

Bedding is the first thing you have to take into account when winter arrives. And, of course, we need to always be warm and never get cold. The most important time to be warm and enjoy winter divinely is while we are sleeping or enjoying the comfort of our bed. In that sense, it is clear that we have to do everything possible to make the bed as cozy as possible. 

To achieve this goal with our room, and specifically with our bed, the first thing we have to do is choose the material for our bedding. The more comforters, sheets, blankets and blankets we can layer on the bed, the better. In addition, the colors are still important, in fact, the ideal is that they are warm

The fireplace is a winter “must-have”

Obviously, the first thing we think of when winter approaches is the fireplace. In countries where winter is harsh, there is usually a fireplace in every house. Based on this idea, it is important that you know that if you have a traditional fireplace, the logical thing is that you collect the firewood that you are going to use, before the arrival of winter, to ensure that it is dry. 

On the other hand, if there is a more modern fireplace at home, just dedicate yourself to enjoying the warmth that it gives you. A good idea to decorate the space around the fireplace is to place a couple of pieces of furniture around it with cushions in a warm color and, of course, a fairly thick blanket. A good long-haired rug that matches the rest of the decoration cannot be missing in this movie scene. 

In case you do not have a fireplace at home, you can have a small space where you can set a couple of pieces of furniture, a side table, and candles. This will help keep the place warm and above all, it will be an intimate place where you can sit quietly and have a hot chocolate in the morning or chat with someone else in the afternoon. 

Candlelight ideas to warm your home in winter

Speaking of candles, in wintertime the best solution for the cold is to light candles in strategic places in the house, to ensure that our house stays as warm as possible. Let yourself be inspired and take you through a space decorated with candles. If they are aromatic with essences of your choice, much better. The fact is that you try to place at home, the number of candles necessary to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere

You should not abuse the number of candles if you do not want an accident at home. Try to place warm colored candles that can help create that atmosphere of refuge and warmth in the midst of the harsh winter. Chandeliers on the dining table and lamps with yellow light are also good options to achieve a warmer and more familiar atmosphere in the middle of winter.

By following each of these tips, you can see how your house takes on an inspiring air from the beginning of winter until the end of the season. The most important thing is that you can feel comfortable and very well warm in winter. And come on! We know that there is nothing better than going to bed in your bed, very well equipped with sheets and blankets, to watch a series marathon, knowing that it is cold enough outside to not want to go out.

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