Amazon Hub Counter – How to Analyze and Optimize Your Amazon Product Reviews

If you are looking for ways to improve your Amazon reviews, the Amazon Hub Counter is a powerful tool for you. It’s also easy to use and can help you optimize all of your reviews.

Amazon has recently introduced its Amazon Hub Counter, a tool that allows retailers to monitor their product reviews, see how they’re doing and, if necessary, improve their performance.


The Amazon Hub Counter will provide you with detailed insights and data for your Amazon products. The Amazon Hub Counter helps you analyze your product reviews, your top-rated products, your most reviewed products, and many more.

This post is about an Amazon Product Review (APR) optimization tool called “Amazon Hub Counter.” This tool allows you to check out the performance of each product page on

Change in Amazon

In the last months, I have noticed a lot of changes on my Amazon Store. After changing my reviews policy from ‘one star’ to ‘three stars’ the number of products with more than one review has gone down by more than 50%! This is the most important change for me.

1. Why is the Amazon Hub Counter Important?

On Amazon, a counter counts orders for products listed on an individual Amazon site or marketplace site. These counters display the total number of units sold by an individual seller. You might not think that this simple bit of data could be so powerful, but it can help you see which sellers are doing particularly well on Amazon.

2. Who is the Hub Counter For?

A company that sells on HubPages will benefit from knowing who their Hub Counter is. This is a Hubber who’s the most engaged, active, and influential in their community. They’re the ones who post the most Hubs and are the most likely to be noticed by the site’s search engines and search traffic. A company that wants to gain traffic through search needs to make sure its Hub Counter is an influencer.

3. How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Reviews

When it comes to Amazon product reviews, there’s no need to worry if you’re new to selling online or not. Amazon product reviews are designed to help customers find the right products for them. They also help businesses grow their online presence by increasing brand awareness, helping consumers navigate product selection, and improving conversion rates. There’s nothing new about this. For example, Yelp reviews helped turn the company into a dominant player in local business.

 4. Understand the Role of Amazon Product Review Ratings

These ratings are very important on Amazon because they provide insight into what consumers think about the product. They also help customers decide which sellers to trust. Amazon calculates the average rating for each product and gives the seller points based on their position relative to the average. This is the best way to see where your product stands within the Amazon market. You can find the average rating for every product on the product page.


In conclusion, the Hub counter allows you to know exactly how many customers are reading your reviews, how often they read your reviews, and which of your product pages have the most reviews. You can also see the number of views your product has received since your last review and the number of unique visitors who have left feedback. It’s a tool that can help you get better reviews, more reviews, and ultimately more sales.