Away Luggage, the Ultimate Carry-On Bag

In 2015, Away launched its first product: the Ultimate Carry-On. It’s designed with travelers in mind. Away Luggage has been designed with one thing in mind—your comfort. It’s been designed with a patent-pending design, so it can stand upright when packed and folds down flat when unneeded. Away has designed the ultimate carry-on bag. From its streamlined, sleek design and easy-access pocket system, to the superior durability that sets it apart from other bags, the Away is a perfect choice.


“Away Luggage” is a luggage brand that focuses on creating carry-on bags that are lightweight, stylish, and highly functional. It was launched in 2015, Jen Rubio and Stephanie Korey are the founders of away luggage. Away Luggage is an innovative, revolutionary suitcase that is designed to fit your lifestyle. No matter what you are carrying, Away luggage is the ultimate carry-on bag. Whether you’re traveling to work, college, university, a weekend away, or a vacation, Away luggage is the perfect size for all your travel needs. This stylish and functional luggage is the best thing you can pack. While traveling you’re sure to come across many situations that will frustrate you and cause you to lose your cool. The worst-case scenario is when you have to check your bag because it contains a lot of items. We’ve all been there, but what if you had a travel organizer to help you get through the hassle? Let me introduce you to Away. Away is the ultimate carry-on luggage organization system and you’ll never have to worry about losing your belongings again. Away Luggage is the ultimate carry-on bag for people who hate carrying bags. We believe that a well-designed carry-on bag should make you feel as if you are not even carrying it.

Away Luggage can store all your important thing 

If you’re looking for a carry-on bag, then we suggest you try Away’s Tote, which can fit a laptop, smartphone, tablet, DSLR, travel games, and even a change of clothes, plus it’s available in black or brown and comes with with with a protective. For almost a decade, we have been traveling with the Away luggage, and it has never let us down. We use it every time, regardless of the trip. This is the bag I use for everything from work travel to vacation, and it fits perfectly into our carry-on luggage for every airline.

How the Away Luggage is Made

Away luggage is often seen as a luxury travel item because it is usually made of high-quality materials like leather and fine fabrics. However, it’s not as pricey as one may think. For example, some high-end luggage can cost up to 200 to 300 dollars. . Away luggage is a great choice for the traveler who wants an inexpensive piece of luggage but wants something that is of high quality. Away has a reputation for high-quality products and their prices are relatively low.

What Makes the Away Luggage Different?

The Away is a unique suitcase made of two-way stretch fabric, making it ideal for traveling as it allows for easy packing and unpacking. But more importantly, it is designed to fit multiple carry-on sizes while being easily accessible. This means you can access and store your bags easily when you get to the airport. It is the perfect carry-on suitcase for all travelers. Away’s luggage isn’t just any luggage. Away’s luggage is the only luggage designed for travel. Away’s bags are designed for people who travel frequently. They’re the perfect travel bag because they’re made for people who travel frequently. Travel bags need to be sturdy, carry a lot, and be easily packed and unpacked. Away’s bags are all these things.

Design, Features, and Specifications

If you’re considering an upgrade to your Away luggage, consider the size of the new bags compared to the ones you currently have. Size matters. Consider the capacity and storage options of the bag and whether it will be sufficient for your needs. Think about how many times you’ll need to carry your bag around your home or office. You don’t want to spend time having to dig through the bag every time you need to pack something, but you also don’t want to be lugging around a huge backpack.

Why Away Luggage is Awesome

In a world where we’re all traveling more than ever before, Away Luggage has created a brand that’s fun, useful, and just plain cool. They’re one of my favorite startups because their products are made to make our lives easier—whether we’re flying across the country or backpacking across Europe. Away luggage is awesome because it makes travel easy and pleasant for everyone. It allows you to focus on enjoying your trip rather than worrying about lugging your luggage around. The bags are stylish and sleek, which means you’ll always look and feel great when you go out to meet new people.

Away Luggage Features 

1. It’s easy to carry and store

2. It’s compact and perfect for travel

3. It’s stylish and can be customized

4. It’s built for travel

5. It’s made with vegan leather

6. It has a zipper

7. It’s the perfect size for carry-on luggage

8. It’s also available in carry-on and checked bag sizes 


This carry-on bag is the ideal choice for travelers because it comes with an expandable telescoping handle, a zippered compartment to secure your passport, two zippers to open to reveal the main compartment, and dual side pockets. It’s not only easy to pack, but it’s also incredibly durable and water-resistant. It features an adjustable shoulder strap and a quick-release locking buckle to keep it all together and accessible when needed. The Away Luggage carry-on bag is the ultimate travel bag and is the ideal carry-on for a business trip. If you’re looking for a stylish carry-on bag that’s both functional and fashionable, you need to take a look at this brand-new design. It is the ultimate carry-on bag because it is designed to offer functionality while maintaining the perfect balance of form and function.

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