Decorate doors at Christmas

decorate your doors at Christmas
Decorate doors at Christmas

To Decorate doors at Christmas is one of the most important actions when it comes to decorating our house on such important dates. For this reason, in this article, we want to talk and contribute our grain of sand so that you know the best options to decorate doors at Christmas.

The article will be oriented to the exterior door because it will be the most visible, but obviously, we can apply it to any interior door of the house that we want to decorate.

How do decorate doors at Christmas?

The door is almost the first thing we think about when decorating our home for Christmas. It is the first impression that our visitors will receive from our house, even before entering, so the decoration of doors at Christmas is a factor to take into account.

As usual, we will try to do it in the most original and at the same time simple way. The important thing is to use your imagination to decorate your doors and have fun doing it, as this can also be a pleasant moment.

We must bear in mind that our Christmas decoration must be harmonized, that is, that the Christmas decoration of the exterior door must have a style in accordance with the one we have inside the home. There really are no rules, so go with your own style.

  1. You do not have to spend a lot of money on the decoration of your door, it really adorns more originality and good ideas. You can make a lot of Christmas crafts for children with your children, you will enjoy them together and surely you will find the best option together.
  2. There are many styles to decorate your door and prepare it for Christmas, from the most extravagant to the most simple. It completely depends on your taste and your criteria when it comes to decorating doors at Christmas.
  3. Exterior lights always look pretty, but you have to be careful about weather conditions and installation, as well as make sure they are LED or low power. At Christmas, it is also important to take into account our planet and try to reduce our energy consumption as much as possible, in addition to not shooting up our electricity bill.

Ideas to decorate doors at Christmas

We propose our best ideas to inspire you to decorate your Christmas door:

decorate doors at Christmas ideas
more ideas to decorate doors at Christmas

There are many small Christmas decoration items that will look great on our doors, both exterior and interior. Motifs such as small Christmas trees, figures of Santa Claus, or the Three Wise Men… They will look great. Make sure that, if you place them outside the home, they are perfectly attached to the door (the air could blow our items).

decorate the christmas doors
Home decor: decorate doors at Christmas

Garlands are a classic, but we really don’t think they will ever go out of style. The truth is that there are centers with beautiful garlands, to which we can also add more items such as Christmas balls, figurines, and even colorful Christmas dried fruits.

Mistletoe is always the perfect complement to garlands, its leaf and fruit are very characteristic when it comes to decorating doors at Christmas.

More ideas to decorate doors at Christmas
decorate doors at Christmas and new year

Christmas is the time for gifts, and our door can also be one of them. Decorating our door with a bow as if we were wrapping it as a gift is an original idea, we just have to choose the fabric and the color that we like the most. We can also recycle any garment that we no longer use.

ideas to simple decorate doors at Christmas
Easy ideas to decorate doors at Christmas

If we have some space in our door, we can create a Christmas door with a frame. This very Christmas idea is made with mesh garland. We can decorate our garland with whatever motifs we want: bows, Christmas balls, tinsel… And use one or more colors in our composition.

Plants do not look bad on a door, and at Christmas, we can also take the opportunity to decorate our door with typical plants of this time, such as fir trees or mistletoe.

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