Example of a leader: 5 styles of leadership skills

Mankind has known great men and great women who changed both their time and history. Becoming an example of a model leader obviously depends on your leadership. Moreover, not everyone has leadership skills. It is, however, possible to learn from it to become an example of a leader.


Our ability to lead makes all the difference when we’re at the head of a large or small business. That is why it is essential to know what characterizes the greatest leaders in history. In this article, we are going to explore 5 types of key leadership skills.


The success of a business generally depends on the type of leadership that applies to it although there are different forms of leadership. Moreover, this success results from the leader’s ability to recognize the differences between types of leadership.

Example of a leader: 5 styles of leadership skills

1 – A successful authoritarian leader


Usually the authoritarian leader is the ultimate decision maker who controls and orchestrates everything in the company. This type of leadership skill decides all the strategies and methods in the company. However, this type of leadership could introduce litigation and discord into a team.  Also,  it might even become an obstacle for the staff.


This type of leadership can prove to be very successful in a high pressure workplace where lack of inspiration could cripple an organization.


Margaret Thatcher (British first woman minister), nicknamed “the Iron Lady” perfectly embodies this type of leadership. Indeed, she was particularly successful in drawing the attention of the general public to her leadership. Thanks to his bravery and perseverance, one could count on his determination to be able to perfectly achieve the objectives set.


For the record, by its rigor, it led the National Union of Miners to make large provisions of coal. This gradually destroyed their strike force. In addition, she was able to push them to give up their rights without obtaining a prior agreement.


In addition, the example of the leader that Margaret Thatcher has become has also enabled Great Britain to have a better political alliance. This has enabled this country to have a powerful position in foreign relations.


2 – Example of a leader requiring a procedural approach


The leader who follows a procedural approach applies strongly in the implementation of the legal procedures of an organization. This usually implies that all company activity is done in strict compliance with the roadmap. And to achieve this, a regular update of the company’s procedure will have to be carried out constantly.


However, this leadership could prove to be particularly advantageous in the army or in production units. These areas require each person to apply literally what should be without question.


Adam Smith reflects the perfect example of this style of leadership which requires a procedural approach. Indeed, it played a big role in the great revolution of industrial production chains. This led him to distribute the different tasks within a production line in order to have a large production.


He required specialized work in a production unit. Thus proving that such a division of labor is more efficient than working alone when it comes to large productions. Moreover, according to Smith, this working principle remains applicable to an entire country; and not to corporations only.


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3 – Effective motivational leadership


This type of leader provides the members of his staff with inspiration and encouragement to surpass themselves more in their activities. Leading a team with this style of leadership is all about getting your staff to go beyond their comfort zone. You are called upon to motivate them in order to have a certain change that can shape the success of your organization.


For this, it will be necessary to favor a work environment respectful of ethics, with clear and clear values.


Former US President Barack Obama is a fine example here of a leader who has developed such leadership. Indeed, effective motivational leadership motivates staff at every opportunity by showing them the way. Thus, he saw both opportunities and possibilities where his employees saw obstacles. In addition, Obama has created within his staff an exceptional ideology of integrity and a culture of transparency. Obviously, this led to unwavering loyalty among its staff and made its administration efficient.


Among other things, with a campaign cry like “yes we can”, he succeeded in convincing the majority of Americans. It sparked hope in their hearts, which made them trust him.


4 – Example of a participatory leader


Here, the leader goes through a real encouragement so that the staff take part in the major decisions of the company. Thus, it gives him the opportunity to express himself and contribute to the resolution of any problems facing the organization. Indeed, the example of a participatory leader focuses on the fact that he is imposing enough to have the last word.


Walt Disney, the creator of the most beautiful place in the world and the author of several animated films, was that type of leader. Moreover, to produce a feature film, it took the intervention of many actors. This gave them the right to a personal involvement from an artistic and ideological point of view.


With clear communication of its vision, Disney made sure that the various suggestions were taken into consideration. In doing so, he made some very beautiful children’s films that are the most eternal of our era. That kind of leadership paid off because with all the different interventions, Disney had the final say.



5 – The leader who favors laissez-faire


Here, the leader is not the team leader. It is rather a concrete method where the organization is based on the notion of dependence on a subordinate. Thus, the staff takes care itself to perform better time management. On the other hand, the leaders opt for simple and tender advice.


Larry Page and Brin Sergey , the promoters of Google , perfectly summarize the example of a leader who favored laissez-faire. Indeed, they succeeded in introducing within their company, a policy known as ”  the policy of 20%  ”. This type of leadership encourages employees to spend 20% of their work schedule interacting with each other. This will allow them to acquire profitable and sustainable innovative ideas for Google in the long term.


Many fruits have emerged from this initiative. It is.


  • AdSense
  • Google News
  • Google mail

Moreover, these various tools created still generate billions for the company today.


Larry and Sergey had to have complete confidence in the innovation competence of their staff. Indeed, they had to be able to have the motivation and humility to ask for help if possible.




Example of a leader: what you need to know


Here are the top 6 skills of a good leader. There is no leader who can perfectly assimilate a given type of leadership. On the other hand, there are characteristics that bind them. Here are some examples:


  • Integrity: Barack’s effective motivational leadership was based on integrity. This not only motivated its staff to wear it, but also a whole country and even the whole world.


  • Vision: The clear and crisp explanation of Disney’s vision for its various projects has earned it great success. This helps to ensure that your team is progressing perfectly on the set objectives.


  • Recognition of Success: Whether it is personal or collective success, staff will be more motivated to go beyond their capabilities. So, recognize everyone’s true value for more motivation at work.


  • Employee motivation: Giving a spirit of total satisfaction to your employees will affect their performance over time. So, don’t stop at such a small path. Encourage them to surpass themselves and ensure that the revaluation is up to the requirement.



  • Ability to teach and move over time: You have no interest in getting stuck in your past. To do this, revise your reforms as often as possible and be sure that they are known to all.


  • Leader reliability: Being an example of a leader shows that you can be trusted. To make this happen, try to keep your promises by striving to achieve your goals.



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Settling for a unique style of leadership will not help you as a leader. For this, given each situation, do not hesitate to switch to a leadership style that suits best.


The example of an effective leader implies an open mind that can lead you to better management of situations. So a good mastery of this skill will allow you to lead your business to success.

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