How to decorate small living rooms

As the best interior designers in the world say, space is not only related to square meters, but also to the sensations that are created through the decoration and distribution of furniture. And it is that by applying a series of decorative tricks, any room, no matter how small, can be visually harmonious and spacious. For this reason, we have selected the best tips to learn how to decorate small living rooms to gain space instantly. Ready to transform your living room? Let’s go there.

Tips for decorating small living rooms

decorate living rooms
decorate living room

Neutral colors

You will have already heard that neutral colors create a greater sense of spaciousness than dark or muted colors. But do you know where to apply these neutral colors? In the Coimbra and Bavaria living room environments,  you may find that if you use neutral colors on the walls, curtains, and classic living room furniture and include small details and darker decorative pieces such as an armchair, a lamp, or a cushion, you will create the optical sensation that the dining room is larger.

Play with points of light

As with colors, lighting plays a crucial role in achieving a greater feeling of spaciousness in a room. To do this, it is necessary to include in your living room both environmental lamps that illuminate the space well, such as the Xenia pendant lamp; such as lamps that give touches of light to corners and specific elements such as the Dark Brown wooden lamp. You will create an incredible play of light and shadow!

decorate home
how to decorate small living rooms

Xenia Pendant Lamp

decorate living home
decorate small home

Dark Brown Wood Lamp

Reinvent every corner of your small living room

Sometimes it just takes a little ingenuity and creativity to fit things into your small living room that you never thought you could have. For example, if you have always dreamed of having an office in your small dining room, we invite you to imagine what that corner you are dying of laughter would look like with a wall table, two small shelves with plants and folders; and a Nordic-style chair. Great right? Or how about including a small reading corner with a vintage-inspired chair and an industrial lamp??

Mirrors full of personality

Mirrors are an infallible weapon when it comes to generating a feeling of spaciousness. Take advantage of their wonderful designs to use them as decorative elements and their reflection to make the room seem larger. We can’t help but think of our wonderful Quarter Hut Feuilles mirror in a boho-chic setting or the double glass mirror in an elegant living room.

Just what is necessary for small rooms

The decoration of a small space must be well studied and include what is fair and necessary. If you have the option of including a table that doubles as a stool or a sofa bed, do it. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have furniture that gives you various possibilities and occupies the same space.

Shallow furniture

Finally, another idea for decorating small design rooms is to include furniture that adapts to the dimensions of the space and has little depth, since otherwise it will eat up a large part of the room and it will be disproportionate. Bet on minimalist and Nordic-style TV tables such as the nordic tv table or the tv furniture.

how to decorate small living rooms with Shallow furniture
decorate small living rooms with Shallow furniture

Nordic TV Table

Extra tips to learn how to decorate small rooms

We try to expand this article with the new trends of this year 2020, adapting the new styles and designs to the idea of ​​occupying as little space as possible. For this reason, we bring you even more tips so that you can have your small living room more beautiful than ever, and have a base on how to decorate small living rooms:

  • Vinyl: They can add an extra point to the decoration of our walls, without taking up more space by adding furniture such as shelves or showcases.
  • High shelves: The upper space of our rooms is usually the most wasted because on very few occasions we place furniture in it. Take advantage of this site to hang some shelves that take up little space, which will allow you to place decorative elements or books to make the most of the site.
  • Separate environments without building walls: From screens to openwork structures, the distinction of environments today does not require one more wall, but the correct decorative elements. Visually they will be distinguished, without giving up the space that a wall would occupy.
  • Multifunction is your ally: Multifunction furniture is vital to decorating your small space. Taking advantage of a shelf to place a television as a TV cabinet is a great idea, which we can do with more furniture. 
  • Plants: Placing plants is always a success in home decoration. Although our living room is tiny, placing some of them in our available space will help avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed and oppressed.

Is it time to make your small living room big?

Keys to choosing furniture for small living rooms

When square meters are scarce, decoration tasks become even more complicated, if possible, since we must not only think about the comfort of the home, decorative trends, and personal style, but we must also take into account the need to expand the sensation wide enough to learn how to decorate small rooms in the best possible way.

What measurements should the sofa have? What is the best distribution? How do I keep order in such a small space? All these questions are terribly frequent when we plan to decorate a small house, especially when we talk about the living room since it is the space in the home in which we spend the most time in company and one that requires the most space.

The choice of furniture is crucial when decorating small rooms. To help you, in this post we show you the 4 keys to choosing your furniture if your living room has a few meters. Shall we start?

Avoid marked contrasts on walls and floors

The first step to define the type of furniture that we can include in our home is to identify the characteristics of the space and try to adapt them as best as possible to our needs.

The harmony between the decoration of the walls and the floors is essential to create visual sensations. In the case of small rooms, it is best that there is not too much contrast between both surfaces, since if there were, the sensation would be of a visual imbalance that would alter the proportions of the room.

Likewise, we recommend that you rely on simplicity and avoid giving too much prominence to these surfaces so that they do not eat up the space. The solution: simple, neutral colors and materials.

2. Bet on compact, simple, and light furniture

When choosing the furniture, it is best to think about its distribution widthwise, placing the largest pieces of furniture, for example, the sofa, on the sides and leaving the air space free from 70 centimeters high to that the space retains its proportions intact.

hwo decorate small living rooms
decorate small living rooms

TV cabinet CP1110T

To achieve a perfect decoration when it comes to how to decorate small living rooms, we advise you to bet on furniture with simple shapes and a light appearance, such as a television cabinet with a minimalist design like this one

Try to avoid furniture that is too tall or has a bulky structure and resort to low pieces, resting on the floor or suspended from the wall, like this designer shelf.

CP1110 Walnut Shelf

how to decorate small living rooms with small Furniture
decorate small living rooms with small Furniture

2 seater sofa 2581

To make the most of the space, we advise you to choose a sofa with legs and a light appearance and lean it against the wall to gain a little movement on the other side.

As for the dining room, the best thing is to choose a round table with a single central leg that allows the space to breathe and plastic chairs, with a totally light appearance.

how to decorate small living rooms
decorate small living rooms with small Furniture

Orion Table

3. Choose soft tones

Lightwood, pastel tones, light floors, and smooth walls are the most successful to delimit the space on walls, floors, and doors.

An ideal combination is to turn to gray for furniture, and thus achieve a look of serenity and relaxation with few contrasts to answer the question of how to decorate small living rooms.

Now yes, every space needs a little color, so the small details are what make the difference. Choose cushions, rugs, or lamps in more vivid tones to achieve a perfect look.

Argos hanging lamp
decorate small living rooms with Argos hanging lamp

Argos hanging lamp

4. Use accessories to give a greater feeling of spaciousness

Once you have chosen the main furniture, the time has come to give personality and style to the decoration.

Side tables, poufs, and light armchairs are the perfect way to set trends in decoration. Bet on them.

One trick: mirrors are an ideal resource for multiplying light and giving a room a feeling of spaciousness, as well as light-colored rugs and cushions, in contrast to more vivid ones, which will give rhythm to the space.

small Furniture
Charlotte Armchair

Charlotte Armchair

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