How to keep the house always clean and scented

the house always clean and scented
keep the house always clean

In this article, we will talk about small gestures that will help us keep our house always clean and scented. Perhaps the most important trick here is to maintain cleanliness day by day, without letting too much work accumulate since we don’t always have enough time to do all the housework during our little free time.

However, here we show you the best tips and advice to maintain order in our home and ensure that all our rooms look clean and scented.

make the bed

It seems like a waste of time, but an unmade bed is what is most noticeable when we see a room. Although the rest of the room is spotless, seeing the bed unmade gives a feeling of disorder and chaos, so it is important to keep our bed well-made and tidy. In addition, it is one of the best habits to relax the mind and reduce our stress levels. A tidy bed can be synonymous with a tidy head, so your emotional health will also appreciate it.

It is also important to establish one day a week to change the sheets.

ventilate properly

Correct ventilation is crucial to keep our home fresh, without bad odors and discharging the environment. In addition, it will improve the quality of the air we breathe while we are inside the house. It is true that in winter and on cold days it can be a problem, but only 10 minutes of ventilation is really enough to achieve the optimal experience.

Empty the trash frequently

We use more and more garbage containers in our homes (plastic, paper, cardboard, organic waste, non-recyclable waste…) For this reason, it may happen that we forget to empty some of them, generating bad odors and burdening the environment. Therefore, the key is to check all our garbage cans or containers on a regular basis.

clean the fridge

The fridge can be a big source of bad odor. There are many home tricks to keep them at bay, such as putting a slice of lemon and sticking aromatic cloves into it, a cup of ground coffee, or putting a container of baking soda. However, it is always convenient to check our fridge for out-of-date foods and keep the space clean. Remember that it will remain closed most of the time.

Clean floor and glass

The floor is, without a doubt, the dirtiest thing in a home. We step on it every day, at all hours, and on many occasions with the same shoe minutes before we have stepped on the street. Liquids are constantly spilled, crumbs and food remain fall… In short, it is important to clean accumulated dirt and dust regularly.
The frequency with which we clean this surface will depend on several factors, such as whether there are many inhabitants in the same home if you have children, the time you spend at home if you have pets… Ideally, at least once a week.

On the other hand, the dirt on the crystals is very visible. It is enough to have a little dirt so that we cannot stop looking at the dirty point, since is transparent, any element that prevents visibility will be very striking.

Do not store dishes without washing

Finding a pile full of dirty dishes and pans causes a great negative view of how clean a home is, not only for its inhabitants but also for visitors. In addition to the impression of disorder, it can be the cause of unpleasant odors. The solution to this is not to let them accumulate and try to scrub after every lunch or dinner or run the dishwasher if you have one. Clear the table, leave the counter clear and your crockery clean before bed, you will thank yourself the next morning when you prepare breakfast.

Keep your clothes stored

Clotheslines full of clothes, mountains of unplaced clothes… they give a feeling of a messy house, in addition to the possibility of them picking up bad odors (for example, food while cooking), wrinkling or staining again. Try to hang the clothes stretching them as best as possible, and collect the clothes from the clothesline as soon as they are dry. Store it well folded, or stretched out on hangers, so that later you don’t have accumulated work and the ironing process doesn’t need so many passes.

Use scented oils and scented candles

A humidifier can be your best ally, not only to maintain good air inside the house but also to always smell good. If you use scented oils and aromas (they are usually cheaper than refills for automatic or timed air fresheners), your home will always maintain a pleasant and characteristic smell. Also, scented candles are a great option, as they will leave a pleasant scent while providing a feeling of warmth and comfort to our home.

And finally, perhaps the best advice to keep the house always clean and scented is daily maintenance. Picking up what we dirty, sweeping after meals, or after cooking, are small acts that will prevent us from accumulating so much work later, when we have to clean everything. Small acts like keeping the bathroom tidy, not leaving objects in the way, and picking them up… They will make a difference.

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