How to make money from YouTube

Today we are going to see together how to make money on YouTube. In recent years, it has been revealed that some big you tubers are making fortunes through YouTube. We think in particular of Cyprian or Norman.

Since then, a number of smart kids have said to themselves that they would do the same and have therefore embarked on the YouTube adventure. So let all the different ways to make money with YouTube.

Those who wish to take a shortcut can directly follow my YouTube Rocket training.

Make money on YouTube with advertising

It is mainly through AdSense advertising that big you tubers create their own little money. When you start a video on Youtube and you see an ad appear, the video has been monetized. This means that the author of the video receives money when this ad is viewed.

Usually this is calculated per 1000 views. Today, it is estimated that a Youtuber will receive between 0.50 € and 0.70 € for 1000 views on Youtube. Basically, to earn 1000 €, you have to garner around 1.5 to 2 million views. Oh yeah anyway!

Suffice to say that if you are a beginner on Youtube, do not rely too much on advertising to make a salary. Concerning me, but Adsense income is estimated at around 130 € / month, or 1500 € / year. Not so bad! Start building a Youtube growth strategy now .

Note that it seems that monetized videos are better referenced on Youtube (since this saves money for Google)

To start generating income through Youtube advertising, you will first need to activate monetization for each of your videos. Thus, you will have latent income. To collect this income, you will need to create an Adsense account that you will link to your Youtube account. Google will then send you an email with a pin code. This code will verify your account. Finally, Google will send a few cents to your bank account. You will need to validate this amount once received. Finally, you will be able to earn advertising revenue directly on your account.

Earn money on youtube with sponsorship

Sponsorship is also a means widely used by big YouTubers. It consists of a contract between the Youtuber and a company. Simply put, the YouTuber promotes this company or one of its products in exchange for remuneration. Sponsorship is also called product placement.

So obviously, we imagine that it takes hundreds of thousands of subscribers to do sponsorship on Youtube. Well not necessarily. If you are well enough nest on your channel, know that some companies may interest in a contract as soon as you have a few thousand or even a few hundred subscribers.

So of course, don’t expect to get € 10,000 for a video like the big Youtubers. But you can try to promote a product first and maybe get a few hundred dollars.

Earn money on YouTube with affiliate

Very well known with Amazon, the affiliation allows you to earn a small commission if a user goes through your affiliate link and buys a product behind. Many youtubers (including me!) Use affiliate links in the description of their videos.

As said before, the easiest way is to subscribe to Amazon’s affiliate program . You can then promote the products you use (your material for filming yourself in particular) and hope to earn commissions. Note, however, that the Amazon affiliation is not very profitable. You can expect to get between 3 and 12% commission depending on the type of product.

Some affiliate programs offer you more than 50% commission. It makes you want!

Remember that affiliation is a means of generating passive income automatically.

Another system very close to affiliation is sponsorship. In particular via online banks. I have also set up a sponsorship system with my Boursorama bank to earn up to € 1,500 per month automatically. Go here if you too want to set up this system for free.

Earn money on YouTube with affiliate

The means that can be the most profitable on Youtube. You can totally make your Youtube channel a gateway to your products or your online store. It is also for me the most profitable method. I place a link in each of my videos and this constitutes a direct entry to my training .

If you are an infopreneur, that is to say that you create digital products (especially video training), it is even better. This is because you generally sell products that are expensive and require only a low production cost. Infoprenariat is indeed a business model that offers huge margins!

So don’t hesitate to get start in Youtube if you like making videos and if you have a creative soul.

These are the main methods to make money on Youtube. As you can see, there are great opportunities to seize. Do not wait any longer!

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