Mirror mirror on the wall

What do you think about the mirror? It’s kind of magic or a superstitious thing or just a thing that reflects everything within its perimeter? I think you all are must be aware of the old fairy tale ‘Snow Whites and the seven dwarfs’ and its famous phrase ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

It describes that the evil queen takes the mirror and asks that who is the prettier or fairest among all, and it has been told that the mirror stops that reflection and portrays the picture of the snow-white as she is the fairest among all.

This shows that a mirror is not just a material thing; rather, it’s something superstitious, that can play with our psychology, our thoughts, and our mind. Mirror has the ability to make our minds in a positive way and also in a negative way.

Read this article to expand your horizon about how the history of the mirror, the myths, and how the mirror plays with our feelings, thoughts, and mind:

Mirror mirror on the walls
Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror & The History

By Neolithic Man

If we look at history, there were no mirrors; people used to see themselves in the water pool and in all those things that reflect their faces or views. The very first mirror was made by the Neolithic man who actually produced the volcanic glass from polished obsidian.

By Egyptians

Then from time to time, the concept of the mirror and its value took place, and Egyptians also used to produce mirror-related items that could show their appearance. For example, copper or bronze discs mirrors. Even the Egyptians belief in mirrors was associated with the worship of the goddess Mut & Hathor.

By Americans

Then After some more time, Americans started producing mirrors from non-metallic substances such as anthracite, rock crystal, or polished precious stones.

By Greeks

Greek mirrors were available in two styles: hand-held and free-standing. According to the British Museum, Greek mirrors were made of bronze and only a few in silver. Due to their rarity, they were more in price; the upper classes normally owned metallic mirrors.

By Romans

Eventually, the Romans would be able to manufacture mirrors made out of glass and ones made of gold. Tombs of Roman soldiers in Germany and Austria have also been found with glass mirrors dating to the first century CE. Despite the progress in technology by the Romans, mirror making wasn’t widely practiced; it was reserved for the aristocracy.

The Magic Mirror & Superstitious Beliefs

The Broken Mirror & Bad Luck

It was even a belief of many inscriptions that a broken mirror might bring bad luck, and if it did, it would last for seven years. Another example of mirror superstition is the broken mirror belief in the ancient world. 

For the Romans, a mirror mirrored the soul, a broken mirror portrayed its misfortune, and souls renewed themselves every seven years, so at the end of this time, the curse of the broken mirror would become undone.

Mirror Falls & Person Dies

Here comes another belief of the ancient people that if the mirror on the wall fells down on the floor and ultimately it breaks, then any person in the house will die.

Obsidian Mirror & Black magic

A polished obsidian mirror was clearly an indication of Tezcatlipoca, the important Aztec deity known as “Smoking Mirror” and most likely used to spiritually access the underworld and communicate with the dead. Mirrors played an integral part in many magical observances in the early 16th century. The astrologer of Queen Elizabeth famously used the obsidian mirror for “scrying” in association with a crystal ball. Both objects are held at the British Museum.

Association With Vampires

According to widely held beliefs, vampires do not cast any reflection in the mirror because the concept goes back a long way that a mirror reflects the soul. Since vampires have no soul, they do not cast a reflection in the mirror. The legend of “Bloody Mary” usually involves teenagers telling a story calling for the spirit of a murdered victim in the bathroom mirror.

Various Customs

History told us about many customs of the ancient people of Africa, or jews believed that when some dies or people morn over someone, cover the mirror. This superstitious belief is generated from the myth that if the mirror is not covered, then the dead person’s soul will be transferred into that mirror. Then the captured oul will be taken by the Devil or will be unable to complete its journey to the next life.

But the Jews had a different concept; they used to cover the mirrors because that people will concentrate on the mourning and the GOD instead of focusing on their appearance in the Mirror.

You can see and maybe listen to many superstitious beliefs, maybe in stories, folk tales, or movies, but the reality is something different.

The Magic Mirror Myths

There are various myths regarding mirrors. Perseus slew Medusa by recognizing her reflection on his magic shield to avoid her infamous, stone-turning gaze, according to the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa found in mythology and folklore. 

There is a myth in the Shinto religion of Japan that explains how a mirror was used to attract Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, out of a cave.

As the most explicitly represented mirror in Europe’s Fairy Book, the mirror – representing unchecked pride and self-absorption, is either carried on the body or stands upright.

In many poems or in a movie or an old version of the folk film, the mirror is portrayed in a similar way like in the children story, Snow White & the sever Dwarfs story told us about the Evil queen and its bitterness towards her granddaughter how she used to hate her out of jealousy.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall- A Psychological Thriller

Basically, the old folk tales have some kind of lessons or eventually contained myths. From the story, what we extract is, the evil queen always stands in front of the magic mirror and asks about her beauty, as she underestimates herself as she lacks the qualities of being a queen or what snow white has. The mirror showed her the image of Snow White as she is pretty, compassionate, generous, and patient. Then the Queen wants to destroy Snow White by every means she can because she cannot be able to develop such qualities.

Do you think that this is a reality? Have you ever thought about the reality behind it? Maybe you never thought it’s a kind of psychological thriller, but actually, it is. It portrays that the queen has an illusion in reality as she underestimates herself and gets jealous of Snow White. That’s why wherever she saw that magic mirror, it shows her the face of Snow White as the fairest in the whole kingdom. Let’s talk more about the realities of life apart from the myths business; maybe you will clear your mind and get an answer to your question.

Another reality is, the images are apparently different from reality because like a picture from the front camera or back camera. Let’s share my personal experience. When I have to buy a dress, I never prefer to order online because there is a hell of a difference in the dress from the reality if I see a picture of it.

What if we mixed up things, like an illusion, hallucination from the visual features? Usually, people interact with themselves own self I’m front of the mirror; they thought that in the mirror there is some other person talking to them, especially when they are depressed. In that depression, you see someone else in the mirror.

Here comes the strange face illusion, and people usually get frightened to see it in the mirror. This happens when you continuously see yourself in the mirror, and then you see strange faces in the mirror or a stuck image of yourself. Basically, this illusion cum hallucination, due to perceptual uncertainty, in this case, facilitated by dim lighting or depression, weakens your sight and ability to view things properly. In depression, people also view multiple similar things instead of one, and those with extreme depression are largely invulnerable to this illusion.

These myths are just myths; there is nothing to do with reality, No doubt there is a phenomenon of black magic, but the souls cannot be captured by the mirror or devil.

If you are interested in watching fiction, of folk stories or movies into latest versions, or whatever, no need to compare these things with reality as the truth is far away from the myths of the magic mirror.

Wrap It Up!

Here we explained the long and interesting history of mirrors, the reality behind, the mirror on the wall, and the old myths. All we have to do is stop believing in the myths and fairy tales and start accepting and knowing the reality and the truth.

I hope you will find this article interesting, engaging, and helpful in understanding reality. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below: