Nuru Massage Rules For Sensual Massage

A Nuru massage is an erotic Japanese massage that originated in Kawasaki, Japan. In this type of massage, the masseuse presses against the client’s body while both parties are nipped up to the waist and covered in an odorless massage lotion. The results of a Nuru massage are unforgettable. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Nuru.

What is Nuru Massage?

The name “Nuru” originates in Japan, where it was cultivated by the ancient peoples. The full body massage is the primary objective of this type of massage. The term ‘Nuru’ literally means slippery, and the oil used in Nuru is incredibly slippery, allowing for smoother, deeper, and more effective skin-to-skin contact. It is the same type of oil used to prepare sushi.

Nuru massage Gel

The gel used in a Nuru massage is extremely sticky. The texture of the gel creates a new sensation in the recipient, and it is often combined with other materials. Fucoidan, derived from the brown seaweed plant Sphaerotrichia divaricate, is also used in the massage gel, along with other minerals. It is a unique way to relax and enhance your intimate relationship. The benefits of Nuru massage will last for many years to come, and it can even help with stress and other stressful conditions.


A Nuru massage is a gentle massage style for beginners. It involves the two partners rubbing their bodies against each other, focusing on maintaining as much body contact as possible. It has no hard and fast rules and is safe for both. A great way to experience the benefits of Nuru massage is to book a session with an expert in your area. Soak the sheets in the gel beforehand to avoid getting your sheets wet!


This massage style is a beginner’s-friendly massage style. You’ll need a Nuru massage gel or oil, and the environment should be comfortable for both you and the person you’re massaging. The Nuru gel is much smoother than massage oil, and it’s a great way to make a Nuru massage experience more intimate. A great benefit is that you can even use it for couples, which means that your partner can feel more comfortable.

A Nuru massage is best enjoyed in a room with a warm temperature, such as a bedroom. It can be accompanied by soft music or scented candles. A nurse who is a professional in the field will use a gel to treat your partner. This gel is colorless and does not stain, but it will leave your partner’s skin greasy and dry. You should also use a warm towel for the massage.

who can get a Nuru massage

While Nuru massage is great for couples, it can be ineffective for couples. If your partner has a problem with intimacy, you’ll need to find a partner who shares the same goals. If the two of you aren’t compatible, a Nuru massage isn’t the best choice. This massage technique isn’t for everyone, however. If you aren’t sure about whether it’s right for you, seek advice from a professional.

While a Nuru massage may not be effective for couples, it can be an excellent way to spice up your sexual life. Intimate couples can use the sensual nature of Nuru massage to satisfy their desires. The entire body comes into contact with each other, so you can be assured that a Nuru massage will be a great experience for both of you. You can even try it out yourself to see how effective it is.

A Nuru massage can be an incredible experience for both sexes. The technique involves touching and massaging the skin to feel its sensations and benefits. Your skin will be hydrated and more flexible, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a Nuru massage. This massage is also beneficial for men who have high blood pressure and a history of prostate problems. It can also help prevent the development of gout. The sex-based gels in the massage industry can improve your health.

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A Nuru massage is an erotic massage that is performed on the undressed parts of a partner. The Nuru massage uses a special gel called Nuru, which is usually applied to the skin with a gloved hand. A good quality gel is also a must for the best results. There are numerous benefits of a Nuru massage. If you’re feeling stressed, it’s likely your skin will itch. In addition to increasing the likelihood of intercourse, a good quality gel will improve your mood and increase your desire.

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