Six decoration tips to have a larger kitchen

kitchen decoration
larger kitchen decoration

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces in the house. It is a family meeting place, a place of enjoyment among all the house guests. A kitchen is a magical place where we can make our creativity rise and go to unimagined places. 

Despite this, the kitchen can also become a real headache when it comes to small spaces, which is why in this article I want to tell you everything you need to know if you want to make the small space of your kitchen a really spacious and comfortable place. But you have to take into consideration that these tips that I will give you will achieve a visual effect, it will not be a real growth of your kitchen space.  

bet on white

If you want to save space in your kitchen, white is the best option you have available. Painting the walls white and combining it with natural light is a perfect combination to make your kitchen look much bigger than it really is. Another of the really important qualities that white provides in kitchen decoration is that it provides cleanliness, it gives the feeling that we are always in a clean and neat space. 

White is a perfect bet not only on the walls but also on other elements in the kitchen such as cabinets and countertops. White is the best friend of all small spaces because it makes them take on a better life and above all, they look even bigger. This tip can be taken to the maximum point of success if, in addition to combining with white, you place simple and decorative elements, with vivid colors, it can be a yellow lamp or a very colorful plant.  

Home larger kitchen decoration
larger kitchen decoration

U-shaped designs

Designing the kitchen in a U shape is one of the best alternatives if you have a small space that you want to get the most out of. This type of design allows you to bring together countertops, stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator, in the same extended space, without everything being too close together, and without the space looking disorganized. 

U- shaped kitchens are a really interesting option when you have really small spaces, but if you want to decorate a larger kitchen, it is also a basic design that will give you a lot of satisfaction if you know how to decorate it very well. In U-shaped designs, it is advisable to try to leave a fairly long worktop, which can function as an ideal place to knead the good dough for special preparations.   

Open spaces

If there is the possibility of doing so, a good trick to make your kitchen a larger space is to make it open so that it has natural communication with other adjoining spaces such as the living room or dining room. An open kitchen that communicates with other spaces inside the house definitely looks much bigger than one that is enclosed within four walls. 

When we talk about open spaces, we are not necessarily referring to the garden or the outside of the house, although if you have the possibility of making a kitchen that has direct access to a terrace, a garden, or any other outdoor place, it is ideal. These types of designs allow not only to mix natural elements with the avant-garde construction, but they are also ideal for allowing natural light to penetrate all corners of the kitchen, making it look much larger than it really is. 

Not to mention that, if you connect the kitchen with a garden or another area outside the house, you can be sure that, visually, you will provide a better view of this sacred space. 

Natural light input

As in fact I already told you above, the entrance of natural light is really important to make the kitchen look much bigger. When natural light enters and penetrates every corner of the kitchen, it can look up to twice as large as it already is, this is because the lighting effect is so great that you can see a big difference. 

The most advisable thing when you want to make natural light enter your house is, without a doubt, to make the doors and windows face an external place, if you live in a house and not in an apartment, you may have more opportunities to do your kitchen, a really cozy and pleasant space, because you could make the entrance of natural light essential in your home. 

kitchen larger kitchen decoration
larger kitchen decoration

glass cabinets

It is very common to use aerial cabinets in kitchens, especially when it comes to really small spaces, but very little do we look at the decoration that these cabinets should have to give the impression of a really larger kitchen. That is why, in this section, I tell you that the secret to achieving a larger kitchen, taking care of your cabinets, is to make their doors glass. 

Think about it, when you decorate the cabinets with glass doors, you manage to visually open the space, because you are making the viewer, in this case, you, see through the glass, not only that you have sheltered inside the cabinets, but also the background of it, this achieves an extraordinary visual expansion effect. 

order is vital

Finally, in our list of six recommendations to make a kitchen look much larger than it is, we cannot ignore the importance of order in our home. Order is not vital only in the kitchen, in all the spaces of the house there must be order at all times, in all places, and in any situation. But, returning to the subject of the kitchen, it is vital that it is tidy to make the space look larger. 

Imagine a small but messy kitchen, with all the elements in places where they shouldn’t be. It’s chaos, it’s a really small space. But, when we have a small and organized kitchen, it looks much bigger than it really is. This also has to do largely with the number of additional decorations that we apply to our kitchen, a kitchen, and even more so if we talk about such a small space, it cannot be decorated in an overloaded way, the idea is that everything is seen in his right place. 

Bonus Track: Decorate with plants

I wanted to give you the seventh piece of advice to enlarge your kitchen space, and that is to place fresh plants in certain places in the kitchen. With a couple of plants, if the kitchen is medium to large, it will be enough to make a nice and simple decoration. Now, if we are talking about a really small kitchen, a single floor will suffice. 

Plants in the kitchen have several effects, but one of the most interesting is that they make spaces look larger than they really are. As for other benefits, it is no secret to anyone that these friends provide valuable oxygen and freshness to the places where they are placed, that is why one like this will never hurt in the kitchen, preferably one that is not very floral. You should also try not to leave it so close to the stove, as it can burn.

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