Small businesses: Examples of successful businesses

  • Provision of services to the public
  • Examples of successful small businesses in the Service Industry
  • Classical destinations
  • Small business house
  • Use of mini-workshops
  • Business Building
  • Planning of a business
  • The sample plan of a business

The question of what kind of business should be carried out is eventually posed by a person who wants to start his own business. After all, it is desirable to invest existing capital in a business that will generate profits and become a reliable source of income. The business demand is always good decesion. With the wrong choice. It’s easy to lose even the money that is.

If the initial capital is small. Only small business is possible. Examples of successful businesses of such an enterprise can be seen everywhere. These are various stores, cafes, hairdressers, photo salons, health and beauty studios, etc.

Provision of services to the public (Start)

The service industry attracts entrepreneurs by the fact that here you can often open your own business without applying for a loan from banks. But only on your own. Therefore, a large number of individual entrepreneurs operate in this area. Small businesses (examples will be discussed below) give them the opportunity to quickly recoup the invested money and then start making a profit.

Examples of successful small businesses in the service industry

Let’s start with the most popular activities. Currently, due to the widespread use of computer technology. Office equipment repair and programming services are in demand. And a person who has excellent knowledge in this field can choose this particular field of work. This also includes service such as site creation.

The services of tutors in various subjects of the school curriculum are in great demand. Particularly with regard to the passage of the USE. But some knowledge of such work is not enough. You need the ability to transfer your knowledge to another, teaching talent. And recognized tutors don’t need to advertise their services. Their demand exceeds supply.

Cleaning is another promising area in which small businesses are moving. Examples of organizations involved in the cleanliness of residential and office spaces. While you can see mostly in large cities. But surely any housewife will appreciate such services as window cleaning. Carpet cleaning, spring cleaning before moving, and other services associated with strenuous and time-consuming physical exertion.

Traditional destinations (Start)

Very popular in the small business and catering trade. There are many possibilities due to the variety of products offered for sale and the variety of dishes. Attract a large number of customer cafes specializing in national cuisine and fast food.

Beauty and health care services are widespread. The desire to be beautiful, characteristic of any woman, provokes the appearance of various beauty salons with the services of a hairdresser, manicurist, masseur, makeup artist. and stylish. And to stay in shape, you can use the services of various gyms, swimming pools, and fitness clubs.

Organizing vacations is also part of a small business. Examples are toast sets for weddings, birthdays, Christmas tree arrangements. And greetings from Santa and Snow Maiden. This business is for active and creative people who are able to train with themselves, to stir up others. And it doesn’t require any special expense, except for the purchase of costumes and music equipment.

Small business house

The examples of home businesses are different. It can be a small studio for making clothes, shoes, custom knitwear. Homemade pastries or dumplings are not uncommon, especially if the apartment is large enough. The production of memories is also a promising direction.

In rural areas. It is possible to grow early varieties of vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms, flower breeding, etc. It can also encompass the breeding of purebred dogs, cats, and valuable furry animals.

Use of mini-workshops

In a small business. The most profitable for work are mini-shops, which have many advantages. They don’t require large areas of accommodation, so there is no need to rent a room and pay a lot of money for rent. The mini-workshops themselves are not that expensive, they can afford it, even if you take out a loan from a bank.

When mini-production is easier to maintain high-quality products, which is important in a competitive environment. And when market conditions change, it is easier for small businesses to retool to produce another product in high demand.


Examples of small and medium-sized businesses using mini-shops are also diverse. It is the production of food – bread, cookies, sausages, cheese, and dairy products. With high quality and excellent taste, these small business products successfully compete with leading manufacturers.

Construction as a business

The second area in which there are free niches is the production of building materials. Due to the growth of individual construction, there is a great demand for materials such as aerated concrete, expanded clay, concrete blocks, etc. All of these materials can be produced in small businesses.

The development of the repair and construction services market is closely linked to this development. Services such as the manufacture and installation of plastic windows, installation of suspended ceilings are in demand. Exterior siding is also in demand as it is the fastest way to make it look modern and presentable. In addition, compared to traditional repair methods, they are cheaper and more durable, making them attractive to customers. These are great examples of successful small businesses.

Business planning

In order for the new business not to go bankrupt in the first year, to become a successful and competitive company. It is necessary to plan it properly.

The development of a business plan involves several points.

  1. The right choice of a niche in the market that you are going to fill. It is desirable, in the absence of serious competitors and, better still, that this type of activity does not yet exist in this region. And it is very important that the chosen case is loved by the entrepreneur himself.
  2. It is necessary to choose a prototype company, an example of which can be used.
  3. Create an economic model for the type of business envisaged, taking into account the following elements:
  • For which circle of consumers is the company intended?
  • What is valuable to them in your products.
  • How will it be delivered to consumers?
  • What would consumers pay for exactly?
  • In order to execute the company, what resources are needed?
  • What kind of action is required for normal functioning?
  • Which partners should do business with.
  • For what and who should pay.
  1. Consider the activities from a financial point of view (initial investment, fixed and variable costs, advertising costs, expected result in monetary terms).
  2. Do the first deal.

Sample business plan

You can now find various business plans for small businesses on the Internet. An example is a plan to open a shooting range.

  1. The main thing – the choice of premises in an overcrowded place, conveniently – near shopping and entertainment centers. The more people passing nearby. The more people are looking into the range. If you are satisfied with the dimensions of the room (the width is at least 6-7 m, and the length – about 10 m). You can safely start, despite the lack of repair, by tightening the walls with a camouflage netting. Rent will cost up to $ 1,000 per month.
  2. You need to buy a pneumatic weapon – some guns and pistols. It will require the same amount and the purchase of balls will cost around $ 50.
  3. Buy mechanical targets and thousands of paper targets – around $ 300.
  4. Souvenirs for precise shooters with your company symbols – about $ 100 more.
  5. Make a rack, rearrange a room, taxes will require around $ 800.

With more than 70 visitors per day and assuming each of them takes an average of about 20 shots, that’s a minimum of $ 2,200 per month. And after two months of work, the shooting station will pay off and start making a profit.

Small businesses are a source of income for those who start them. On the other hand, it is a means of meeting the needs of the population for various goods and services. Therefore, the development of small businesses is necessary and beneficial for the whole country. Click here for more

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