The Perfect Scentbird Perfume

Scentbird is the first fragrance delivery service in the world that lets you customize scents for the way you live. You can choose from over 2,000 handpicked scents to create the perfect scent for every moment. We are excited to bring to you our best-ever scentbird perfume. This time we went all out and made it even better by adding our unique flavor. A fragrance designed by the scent bird team for a global brand is no easy task. Scentbird Perfume combines the scent of a flower, the sweetener of a candy, and the freshness of a fruit to create the perfect perfume.


Scentbird is a men’s fragrance line designed for the modern gentleman. Created by one of the world’s most famous perfumers, Jean-Paul Gaultier, the Scentbird perfume line is a celebration of masculinity, confidence, and strength. The company’s fragrances are designed to make a man feel more confident in himself, even in the face of life’s biggest challenges. Whether you’re interested in the masculine fragrance that’s perfect for the modern gentleman or the feminine scents that make women fall in love with you—you’ll find it all at Scentbird. The scentbird perfume smells delicious! The fragrance of this particular scentbird perfume is fruity and light with a hint of tropical fruits. The scentbird perfume has notes of blackberries, peaches, and honeydew melons. I love this scentbird perfume for its smell and how it made me feel. 

What is Scentbird?

The scentbird perfume is a perfume created by a group of women who wanted to create something special. They wanted to create a perfume that was unique to the brand. The result was the scentbird perfume. The scentbird perfume has been sold in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan. The fragrance was created by combining notes of rose, orange, lemon, grapefruit, and ylang-ylang. 

How Scentbirds Work

Scentbirds is a company that makes scented “pillows” and “mattresses” that work like perfumes. If a pillow or mattress releases a scent while it’s being slept on, it creates a relaxing experience, and the sleeper doesn’t even realize that he or she is getting pampered. The Scentbird pillow (pictured) is the perfect example of a product that offers the convenience of a bedtime scent. It takes only seconds to open the package and release the scent.

Scentbird Perfumes: A Look at the Ingredients

For those who love scents but hate the chemicals used to create them, scented perfume is the way to go. Scentbird offers a clean scent without artificial fragrances and synthetics. All of their perfumes are made with 100% natural ingredients and are free from alcohol, formaldehyde, phthalates, propylene glycol, parabens, and synthetic musk. Not only are their fragrances chemical-free, but they’re also cruelty-free, vegan, and made with recycled water.

What makes scentbirds unique?

The original scentbird perfume was created using traditional perfume ingredients such as ambergris, musk, patchouli, sandalwood, olibanum, angelica, labdanum, and rose petals. But the brand found that a lot of people were interested in getting a scentbird on their skin without smelling like perfume. So they took their scentbird formula and changed the ingredients to make it scentless, and voilà — scentbird. Scentbirds are perfect for those who want a bit of fragrance but don’t want to smell like a bottle of perfume. Scentbird perfume is available in three different fragrances: Eucalyptus, Jasmine, and Lavender.


A fragrance can be perceived at several levels. First, a perfume has a scent and a scent can be described by several different adjectives, such as sweet, floral, musky, woodsy, spicy, fruity, etc. Then, perfume evokes a memory. An aroma evokes a memory because we have a complex system of nerves called olfactory nerves which detect smell and stimulate our brains to create mental images of the smell. This process occurs through our senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, and hearing, and when we smell a perfume, we associate that memory with that perfume. Finally, a perfume can be perceived as good, bad, or indifferent. A good smell can be related to a pleasant memory, a neutral smell can be associated with a neutral memory or an unpleasant smell can be related to an unpleasant memory.