Unagi – the Japanese delicacy that’s good for more than just sushi

If you want to take your Japanese cooking to a whole new level, then look no further than this incredible dish called unagi. While sushi may be most people’s idea of a delicacy, the truth is, there are hundreds of different types of Japanese food. Sushi is the main attraction at this trendy restaurant, where diners can enjoy a full-tasting menu as well as a range of more casual options such as California rolls, gyoza, and unagi (eel).


The Japanese word Unagi literally means “freshwater eel” but, in reality, unagi (also spelled in or unajiguri) is a delicacy. It’s a type of freshwater eel. The delicacy is usually eaten grilled or boiled. But it is best when served cold.  This is a dish that’s often referred to as “the sushi of the sea” or “raw fish of the sea.” It’s a special treat of Japanese cuisine that’s typically cooked by boiling and served in a sushi roll. To make this dish, you’ll need a variety of ingredients that include salmon roe, bonito flakes, sesame seeds, seaweed, shiso leaves, ginger, and Japanese spices. There are two ways you can cook this dish, depending on what kind of pan you choose to use. The best way to cook this dish is by using a pan that has a thick base and is large enough to hold your ingredients comfortably. Once you have cooked the ingredients, you can slice them into bite-sized pieces and eat them with rice. To make this dish more appealing, you can add additional ingredients to make this dish even more flavorful. One of the best additions you can make to this dish is some salmon roe. Another is shiso leaves. They’re both delicious and are perfect additions to this dish.

What makes Unagi so special?

Unagi’s success is rooted in an understanding of the Japanese consumer. Most Japanese consumers like fresh food but prefer it to be available locally. They like organic food but don’t mind if the label says conventionally grown. And they’ll pay a premium for high-quality ingredients. Unagi is able to offer fresh sushi and sashimi without relying on frozen fish, which is popular in Japan. To meet these needs, the company focuses on three core areas: freshness, quality, and availability. Unagi is one of the only products that offer the highest quality in the world that uses a special, non-stick, heat-resistant steel called Japanese cast iron. Cast iron is a hard material that has a long history in cooking and its heat resistance allows you to fry food without fear of ruining your kitchen.

Should I Try Unagi?

Unagi is a popular dish in Japan. Though the unagi itself is quite delicious, the real draw to the dish is the sauce called shoyu, a combination of soy sauce and mirin. For some people, the combination is a little too sweet, and others feel that it tastes just like maple syrup. It’s a lot like a lot of products—there’s something for everyone. The key is to find something that you love, and then do your best to make it even better. Unagi is a popular and nutritious Japanese dish that includes eel. A lot of restaurants in the United States serve unagi, but it’s often not the same species as it is in Japan. There are different types of unagi and they vary in taste and texture depending on where they come from. A few of the more common ones are the American eel, the Russian whitefish, and the yellowtail. Some people say that unagi is good for your heart.

How to Cook Unagi

The first step in cooking unagi is to cut off the head. Once you have the head, you’ll need to slice the head in half to remove the eyes and tongue, and then into two more pieces to remove the inner organs. Next, you’ll want to remove the bone in the middle section to allow for easy slicing. Lastly, remove the skin and cut it into thin strips. This Japanese dish is made up of strips of cooked fish. Usually, unagi is boiled in hot water seasoned with a sweet soy sauce (shoyu), salt, sugar, and mirin. The cooked fish is dipped in vinegar, and the result is a deliciously tangy, salty snack.


It has been proven that sushi is a healthy choice because it contains nutrients that help keep the heart strong and the body fit. Furthermore, sushi is high in protein which helps build strong muscles and keeps the body lean and fit. The term unagi is Japanese for eel and refers to both the food and to the Japanese dish made from the eel. Eel has long been known for its health benefits, especially its high-protein content, and many Japanese dishes include it. Unagi is typically served as sashimi, which is thinly sliced raw fish. It can be served plain or seasoned with soy sauce, mirin (sweet rice wine), or other ingredients.