Where has justice gone?

Justice (Credits Michael Coghlan, Creative Commons license)

The month of July has arrived and with it. The results of the bac which will have made more and more naive people believe that the level is rising. If it weren’t for Greece. The country could almost let itself flow like an old Camembert cheese softened. The heats wave is ultimately commonplace in this season. However, while idleness is taking hold in all the organs of the Republic, we must draw a bitter report.

Oh, I’m not going to divulge any secrets here. Maybe I’ll even bar more than one by recalling. What is now obvious to which we will have to add a lot of small animated. Thumbnails of cats acting stupid to make it less boring. And because this post is, by nature, limited. I will not be able to cite all the countless cases reinforcing this observation.

But this observation will be the same: Justice (with a capital J) no longer exists in France.

There reigns only a small justice

There reigns only a small justice (with a little j, very small) from day today. Made up of expedients (its means are ethical), experiences (notably societal), and expiations. (Faults, of the very great faults of the solvent white man). Yes, justice no longer exists and there is only one justice that is content to serve a few particular interests. By force of circumstances, since the abandonment of politicians in the open. Because electorally, it pays more, to the citizens who, in the end. Do not care as much as they can, through the forces of the order. All in the know but without the slightest illusion, no one is waiting for justice to be done. But vaguely for a verdict to be pronounced, and again, only during opening hours. If the weather is nice.

Justice, freed from any duty of morality, equity or legitimacy, went to get dressed.

Caricatural? Let’s go.

Where was this Justice, if not in the locker room? When the government did everything to embellish UberPop drivers on the basis of non-existent texts, of offenses never observed? Where was she hiding when the taxi drivers, benefiting from rather hallucinatory police favoritism. Turned over and burned some cars, attacked individuals?

Uber vs taxis not happy

Where was she when she should have acted to unblock the Channel Tunnel? Once again blocked by a small handful of excited unionized to the core. Determined to embarrass an incredible number of truckers European? Oh, you haven’t heard of it (the mainstream press. This other old prostitute of the Republic. Heavily alcoholic under sulfurous subsidies. Will have forgotten to raise the question) but “union action” has nevertheless generated more. Only tensions between foreign truckers and our beautiful country. Its lack of order and its culture of chaos. What did Justice do when they should have asked the police to act to avoid such excesses?


Neither there, nor when it comes to stopping the excesses of a society which knows that it can no longer count on it, these myriads of “little hassles”, “incivilities”, these small thefts, small scams, petty trickery that accumulate in the daily landscape of the French. No wonder there is no one to stop the recent vandalism of the fire hydrants , opened wide under the pretext of a heat wave. Apparently, they don’t deliver enough water (or in places that aren’t glamorous enough, I suppose) to attract the wrath of environmentalists or law enforcement …

It must be said that the police, overwhelmed by laughable subordinate tasks, by the hunt for financially profitable drivers, by disastrous clandestine immigration management, by these thousand-and-one VIPs to protect against the plebs who elected them, no longer has time to play at being the armed wing of anyone, except the state. Justice, for its part, has only one emaciated arm, which it uses, from time to time, to knock on those who will not be able to reply.

just doing their jobs

The evil runs deep and its impact is strong.

As Justice is no more than a vast joke. It becomes more and more difficult to keep each other between the limits that morality. Common sense and society had placed. Even publicized with great blows of phony festive happenings. Elements of language carefully prepared by teams of communicators wriggling for cynical politicians. The Vivrensemble has a hard time resisting in the face of the accumulation of problems. Imperatively demand the return of order through effective. Fair and above all legitimate justice.

Little by little, everyone finds the situation if not normal. At least perfectly logical, without worrying about the catastrophic impact that these abuses cause. Justice vanished, scandals set in, illegitimate behaviors continue. Shenanigans that continue and consequently. Businesses that close, an economy that goes to waste, growing poverty. The social unrest continues. accumulate, and a policy of no effect.

A police without effect, it is chaos which sets in, slowly, slowly, but surely, with complete impunity.

The chaos that sets in is bad publicity for tourism. It is a very bad idea to do business. It is a very inconvenient handicap to ensure the safety of citizens. And police without effect, it is the announcement. Clear and clear, of an army without teeth provided with knives without handles that lack the blade. (A theft of detonators and explosives. In this context, is almost routine. One comes to wish that it was the work of robbers or bandits rather than religious terrorists).

No, decidedly, Justice no longer exists in France. And note that it is disappearing, little by little, as all our freedoms are erased.

It is not a coincidence. (Click here for more)