Zepeto Indian grocery store – India’s First Grocery Store That Lets You Pay By Delivery

We live in a fast-paced world where time is money. Most of us are also busy with our work and other activities and sometimes, we have to run to the grocery store and spend precious hours searching for the best deals. With Zepeto Indian grocery store you can shop for groceries whenever you want, right from your smartphone. Zepeto Indian grocery store is the fastest-growing Indian grocery store company in the world, and its expansion into India is poised to blow the doors off the competition.


Zepeto is the first Indian grocery store delivery app. It lets you shop from any store and have your products delivered to your doorstep by an expert grocery carrier. The grocery store Zepeto recently launched in 2021 and has created a new type of food delivery service by offering customers the option to purchase groceries online and have them delivered directly to their doorstep. Zepeto offers one of the most extensive online grocery selections. The store, which claims to be the first Indian Indian grocery store, has recently started delivering groceries right to the doorstep of its customers. The service, called Zepeto, currently covers select cities across India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Kolkata. The service is currently available in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

 Quick Service

Zepeto is the first app-based Indian grocery store that lets you pay for your groceries by ordering them directly from your mobile phone. It has revolutionized the entire grocery delivery experience in India, while also saving shoppers from the hassle of multiple trips to supermarkets. We all need to eat at least once a day, but how do you find the time? There’s no easy way to shop for groceries every single day, and we know it. Zepeto, a grocery delivery service from India, is here to help. Zepeto offers delivery just in 10 minutes.

 2. How Zepeto Indian grocery store works

The founders of Zepeto Indian grocery store set out to solve the problem of finding, reviewing, and following brands on social media. They started by manually tagging people and brands and then building up their own database of relevant content. But this proved to be a time-consuming and expensive process. So they built a system that automated all of this work by using computer vision to scan images of products, people, and places and automatically label them. In addition to creating this database, the app uses a combination of machine learning and user-behavior analysis to recommend new content based on how people interact with brands. Zepeto Indian grocery store is a company that sells high-quality pet supplies, including food and treats, to people who run stores, restaurants, and businesses. They sell wholesale and retail and offer their own online store that’s designed for business owners. 

3. How Zepeto is different from other grocery stores

The way Zepeto sells groceries is pretty unique, especially compared to other stores in the industry. Zepeto is a “one-stop shop” concept where customers shop online or by phone and pick up their groceries in a store. Zepeto doesn’t actually sell groceries. They provide products and services that help customers shop for groceries and plan meals. When a customer is ready to buy groceries, he or she can visit the store to pick up their items. The store acts as a distribution center for the company’s goods. Zepeto uses technology to improve the grocery shopping experience for its customers. Zepeto offers shoppers a wide array of items to buy, including organic food, household goods, health and beauty products, and groceries. Zepeda wants Zepeto to be the kind of grocery store people visit only when they don’t have anything else to eat.

4. Why people love Zepeto Indian grocery store

Zepeto’s success is all about one thing—the customer’s experience. It’s all about the small things. A lot of startups and larger businesses overlook the little things that go into customer satisfaction. Zepeto is a travel company that makes your life easier and more productive by streamlining the booking process. The key to this is a simple, yet ingenious idea. How can you help your customers find the best deals? Simple. Eliminate the need for them to search for them. Instead of sending your customers to a website with a list of available deals, why not allow them to tell you which deals they want? And Zepeto is taking this idea to the next level. They’re starting with one deal and are currently offering free cancellation


1. Get all your grocery shopping done in under 10 minutes!

2. Enjoy Zepeto’s curries and other Indian dishes while enjoying free delivery.

3. No more queuing up at supermarkets! Just send a message and we’ll bring everything right to your door!

4. Save time and money with instant grocery shopping and enjoy free delivery.

5. Pick-up and drop-off are available!

 6. Get all your groceries delivered right to you

 7. Shop at your own pace.

8. Get a shopping list.

9. Choose from a variety of delivery options.

10. Receive a notification when your order is ready


Zepeto Indian grocery store is a grocery delivery startup in India founded by Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra. It started in 2014 and currently operates in New Delhi, Pune, Noida, and Mumbai. At the time of launch, Zepeto was India’s first grocery delivery service that uses mobile phones as payment gateways. When the order is placed, the delivery guy calls the customer from Zepeto and confirms the order. Once the order is verified, the delivery guy heads to the nearest store to pick up the order and deliver it to your home within 30 minutes. Zepeto works on the same principle as other grocery stores; however, the price differs. You pay for the food only once the delivery guy arrives at your doorstep. The store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Zepeto is an online food delivery service. Zepeto has been around for 2 years now and has a number of clients that use the service, including Amazon.com, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and others. Zepeto has had to overcome the challenges of a nascent market and the unique nature of grocery delivery in order to succeed.