Zola Wedding Invitations Made In America

“Zola Wedding Invitations Made In America” is a wedding invitation business that has been operating online for over nine years, now. Zola is an online retailer of wedding stationery and gifts that was born out of the desire to create the best product possible for brides and grooms to use on their special day. Zola is a wedding invitation design company that has been around since 2013. They are based in Los Angeles and have received many awards for their design.


The wedding invitation market is saturated. But, it isn’t dead. Instead, it’s evolved. From a one-time event to an everyday celebration of love, weddings have become an important part of many couples’ lives. This is why, it makes sense to create memorable, custom wedding invitations. A wedding invitation is a perfect example of what makes Zola wedding invitations different from other vendors. This bride chose to design her wedding invite instead of ordering a standard one off the shelf. She wanted a personalized experience and chose a design that showed a bit of her personality and sense of style. Her design shows she knows her taste and style, and she wasn’t afraid to share it with her guests. Zola wedding invitations are a great place to get ideas for your wedding invite. You’ll be able to see many different wedding invites and you’ll be able to see why they are so popular. Choosing the perfect invites is not only a personal choice but a big decision. So why not go the extra mile and choose a wedding invitation company that will help guide you to the perfect invites?

What are Zola’s Wedding Invitations 

These invitations are perfect for an event that is all about the bride and groom. There are plenty of options to choose from and they are also customizable. Zola Wedding Invitations are elegant and timeless. The designs are chic, fresh, and modern while maintaining a classic feel. They are perfect for weddings, anniversary parties, engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and bridal/bridal showers. If you are looking for a wedding invitation that is not only beautiful but also unique and memorable, look no further than Zola. The wedding invitations by Zola are not only made using modern printing techniques but also have the look of handmade cards. The invitations feature exquisite illustrations of lovebirds and the couple’s names on a white background. A simple yet stylish black-and-white design lends the invitation a classy touch. A small illustration of a black flower and a tiny illustration of a white flower appear on the backside of the invitation.

Zola Wedding Invitations: How They Work

The Zola wedding invitations work by having their customers respond to three simple prompts that appear on the invitation itself. These prompts are displayed on the top left side of the invitation card. Each prompt is associated with a corresponding action. This prompts people to either write a response or tap a button with the correct response. The user interface design is immaculate, and the three prompts help customers keep track of the messages they receive throughout the process. Zola invites allow customers to communicate directly with the wedding couple, and to receive personalized responses based on their answers.

Zola Wedding Invitations: The Design Process

In this case, we needed to work closely with Zola since they already had a design and production process in place. We gave them a brief and asked them to provide the following: a full set of high-res images of our design, a rough layout with the text and typography ready to be cut, a print proof, and a PDF version of the file that we could email to our printer. We got back a few iterations and sent them to the printer.

Zola Wedding Invitations: How to Order

To avoid confusion, we don’t include the company’s name in the invitation design, opting instead for a tagline. The “Zola” tagline appears across the top of each invitation, but we felt that a larger print area on the back would be more visually appealing and allow for more room to customize the invite.


Zola is one of the easiest, quickest, and most affordable ways to create beautiful wedding invitations online, regardless of your skill level or technical expertise. You can edit your designs in real-time and preview them instantly on your smartphone or tablet. With Zola, it’s simple to invite guests to a wedding, even if you don’t have any prior experience or special software. Zola wedding invitations is a popular and trusted wedding invitation service. They offer custom-printed wedding invites, RSVP cards, and wedding stationery. Their professional and affordable wedding invitation templates make it easy to customize any type of wedding event. With their team of designers, they can take your unique ideas and bring them to life through their online templates.